Your pain has become so unbearable that you're thinking of getting spine surgery to alleviate it. You need to pick the best surgeon to operate on your spine. So, what's the right formula for choosing one? Well, follow this guideline. 

Tops factors to consider 

Find a doctor who : 

Certified by the board and mainly deals with spinal surgery 

Is experienced in treating conditions such as your own 

Works at a hospital that's famous for successful spinal surgeries. 

Takes your insurance 

You're comfortable talking to and who answers your questions fully 

Here are 5 steps to follow to find the right spine surgeon: 

Ask people around you 

Start by creating a list of possible surgeons. Request recommendations from other medical practitioners, your family members, friends, and colleagues. 

Research their qualifications and experience 

Take time to study the surgeon's qualifications and experience. Choose someone with board certification and who regularly carries out spinal surgery. The more a doctor is experienced with a specific condition, the better that doctor can treat and prevent those conditions, check wesite for more info. 

Also, check that the surgeon is in the good books of federal and state agencies and that they have no history of disciplinary actions and malpractice claims. 

Asses the hospital's performance 

Spinal surgery requires a highly skilled and experienced surgeon. So, you also should consider the general care quality at the hospital the surgeon works. To learn more about surgeon click this link at http://greysanatomy.wikia.com/wiki/Orthopedic_Surgery. 

Ask if the spine surgeon at this link performs surgeries at other hospitals, if a given hospital falls short in terms of quality. Else, choose someone who works at a reputable hospital and can produce the best results. 

Interview the spine doctor 

As you trim down your list of spine surgeons, call each one's office and schedule a consultation to interview them. 

Are you relaxed about the way you communicate with the surgeon? Do they listen to your views and answer your queries properly and in a simple manner? 

Some questions to ask a surgeon: 

Do you normally handle cases like mine? 

How many spinal surgeries have you done? 

What sort of results do you usually receive? Do you have results data to share? 

How often do you see complications after the surgery? 

How do you handle or avoid complications? 

Assess your insurance benefit 

Your insurance coverage's an important matter. To receive maximum insurance benefits as well as pay the least out of your wallet, find a surgeon that's a member of your plan. 

But bear in mind: just because a surgeon practices in your plan does not mean they are a good doctor. You still should consider their expertise as well as experience. 

If you're contemplating spinal surgery, make sure to find a surgeon that's highly qualified and experienced. Follow the above steps to find someone who's right for you.